Safety, Comfort & Trust

80/20 Proficiency

This 2 hour course is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of pistol and carbine operation. This is ideal for the inexperienced shooter who wants to sample the 3 most prevalent firearms in the United States:

Glock 9mm



We focus on the basics to establish a solid foundation.  This class is conducted within 20 yards of your target allowing for a realistic training environment that mimics real life scenarios.   You will learn how to properly operate each firearm safely, and fire 30 rounds from each, in varied protocols of fire.

The fee for this course is $160pp. We supply targets, hearing protection, ammunition, firearms, and pay your range fees. Minimum of 2 people required.

All of our offerings allow for 'extra curricular' activities at the completion of the course.

Team Building


Firearms 101

Private Instruction