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80/20 Proficiency

Firearms 101

This is the perfect course for somebody who wants to understand the operation and maintenance of 80% of the TYPES of guns available to US citizens.  This 2.5 hour course will get you spun up with:

Semi Automatic Handgun - Glock 19 (15 rounds), Glock 42 (7 rounds)

12 Gauge Shotgun - 7 rounds of mixed bird, 00, and Slug

Lever Action Rifle - 5 rounds

Bolt Action Rifle - 5 rounds

Carbine - Direct Impingement - 30 rounds

Carbine - Piston - 30 rounds

The fee for this course is $220pp. We supply targets, hearing protection, ammunition, firearms, and pay your range fees. Minimum of 2 people required.

All of our offerings allow for 'extra curricular' activities at the completion of the course. We also bring .22 firearms for those who wish to have less recoil for some of the protocols.